Bash for Nash 5

The Art of Bash

Our Story

To both New and Old Bashers,

In 2002, we learned that our son Nash had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a muscle-wasting disease that regularly kills its victims by their mid-20’s.

We reacted just as you would. We didn’t let the disease attack Nash and our family. We fought back.

How did we fight? In the past nine years, the Nash Avery Foundation has spent 11 million dollars to slow the disease down. The previous Bash for Nash fundraisers - BN1, BN2, BN3 and BN4 - have raised 3.6 million of that 11 million spent. It’s a big part of the fight and is helping us land punishing blows. Think of the foundation as the Muhammad Ali of DMD!

So, what’s next? Excitingly, every cent from BN5 will go directly to a phase II trial for a drug (HT-100) we have developed for all boys suffering from DMD. The trial is scheduled to start in April and last through the end of the year.

Imagine, not just fighting, but defeating the disease.

And you’ll be part of the victory! When you give us a dollar, you are directly changing the outcome for thousands of boys like Nash - and Nash too!

So BN5 is helping fund a trial, but is also about celebrating our gains. We recognize we do almost nothing alone in this life. Great victories are won together. BN5 is about being together.

With real sincerity and hat in hand,

Tom and Angie Wicka

CO Chairs,
David and Angela Sunberg, Amy Zaroff

The Disease

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a real loser.

It affects 1 in every 3,500 boys born. Again, that’s 1 in every 3,500.

It strikes equally—any color, any class—it doesn’t care. All boys—could be yours, could be your friends, could be your grandkids, could be your neighbors—all targets.

It’s caused by a mutated gene, which causes the body to stop making a protein called Dystrophin. Without this protein, the muscles waste away and no new muscle is grown.

It has a tragic and ugly path:

Step 1

DMD appears around three or four years of age. It starts innocently enough, your son is just slower than all the rest of your friends’ kids.

Step 2

It stops the boys from walking by 10 or 12 because it works on the big muscles first, so they sit down for life.

Step 3

In their mid-teens it invades the really important muscles, the heart and lungs and causes mechanical ventilation at night.

Step 4

Gets nasty as they move past 20, usually kills in the mid 20’s.

Use of Proceeds

“The goal isn't to live forever; the goal is to create something that will.”

That’s what we’re thinking and doing.

Beating this disease is about giving Nash and all the boys with DMD the chance to live like everyone else - a childhood not completely comprised of “can’t do that’s.”

By being part of BN5, you are part of something that will live forever, finding a treatment to give boys a better life than what they’re getting screwed with now.

Developing a treatment for DMD is our mission. When we save Nash, we save 1 in 3,500 boys from a really shitty disease. We need your help. With you we move fast, without we move slower.

All proceeds from BN5 will assist funding a Phase II trial of a drug we have developed for DMD and related disease. The drug is called HT-100 and has shown great promise in reducing fibrosis and regenerating new muscle. That’s a very good thing. When muscle dies in the boys, it leaves scar tissue, that scar tissue restricts blood flow to other healthy muscles and speeds up the muscles’ wasting process. HT-100 is not a silver bullet cure, but it could add years to the lifespan and slow the muscles’ wasting process down considerably. The trial is scheduled to start in April and conclude in December.

Your dollars will keep this schedule and not allow it to be slowed down.

To learn more about HT-100, go to

Event Details

Saturday Feb. 9th 2013

The cause is life and death, the event is alive and well. If you’ve stood with us before, thank you and welcome back. If you’re new to our scene – welcome to the Bash for Nash, aka BN5.

Aria at the Jeune Leune

105 North First Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Corner of 1st Ave and 1st St, Warehouse District

7:00 pm


8:30 pm

Commence program with MCs, heavy-hitting video, all-out live auction

Comedic stylings of Sebastian Maniscalco

10:30 pm

DJ and anticipated dance party


The good looking couple of Frank Vascellaro and Amelia Santaniello


D’Amico will be mobile and extraordinary, plus beverages to satisfy all interests


Complimentary valet for all, this is America


This event may single handedly change the course of the loser disease. Tickets are moving rapidly.


$300 each
($255 tax deductible)

Gallery 25

  • 8 seats behind the velvet rope
  • Complimentary beverages all night
  • Car service for the entire group for the night
  • Your company heralded with a live hoo-rah

($22,750 tax deductible)

Gallery 15

  • 8 seats frontline prime-time
  • Complimentary beverages for all
  • Car service for the group
  • Your organization plugged, pumped and praised

($13,250 tax deductible)

Gallery 7.5

  • 8 seats for the VIP you are
  • Drinks on us for your entire group all night
  • One car at your service
  • A stand-up shout-out for your group

($6,750 tax deductible)